January 24, 2014

End of Silence.

What is wrong with the world?

Words of wisdom shared by the Pope:

 "We have to stop on this road of violence. What is happening in the heart of man? In the heart of humanity? We have to stop"

This is not JUST about violence.  This is about the heart of man.  Of MAN.  I have spent years sugar coating my discontent with man... with men.  And I'm not blanketing all men.  I do know there are good men.  I have one in my life.  I have a couple of good male friends in my life.  I work with a couple of good men.  

I am able to speak from experience.  Some men. suck. big time.  They are completely a reflection of what is wrong in our world.  A self-absorbed, me me me me MEEEE mentality.  

Is this not what is wrong in the world? No? Yes?!

Perhaps it is not man. 

Perhaps it is men... who are boys.  
Who have forgot how to care for their responsibilities.  
Who forgot that they ARE accountable to others, not just themselves. 
Do you remember of a time where a man was NEEDED?  
Do you think because a woman CAN carry all the weight of the world that all of a sudden you are no longer needed?  
That OH... the bar has been lowered... I don't have to provide, be accountable (etc)... I can just think of me. me. me. 

No.  Please.. you're seriously fucking everything up! 

When a man brings a child into this world. 

When a man experiences the birth of his daughter.  
When a man is the first love for this little girl.  
When this man teaches this little girl what love is.  
When a man displays through his relationship with his wife (girlfriend..etc).... he IS teaching his daughter what she should be accepting.. in her future. 

What happens when you're an asshole? 

What happens when you don't show her love?  
What happens when you are soooo caught up in yourself... 

This world.  This world is the result. THIS world... is what happens. 

I've sugar coated long enough. 

I've experienced with enough men to speak, honestly, from my heart.  
You men lack what "having balls" is to represent.  
You desire vagina's, and expect them silently served on a gold platter, without having to give or do a damn thing.  
And you respect it like it's nothing.  Like... well... you deserve it.  
I disagree.. completely.  
You deserve nothing.  You deserve YOU YOU YOU.  
Ya'll can take your penis.. and hold it yourself.  

Is that not what you're putting out into the world? 

When your daughters go to experience love.. you better hope that she does not experience a reflection of you.  But the reality is, she will.  And I hope for all your sakes that you've done well by her.  I also hope that your sons... they are not calling you from jail.  That you are not seeing them by attending their court dates. 

Who's responsibility is it?

My question now to any man is... there is penis... everywhere!  

Why should any woman consider keeping yours around?  
Penis just standing around everywhere... waiting for a yes. 
or sometimes not even that, sadly.  

My second comment... "yah... I would say that too, if I had a penis".  

Ya'll talk BS. Shit flies out of your mouths, that you believe... but do not live.  
You're not only dishonest with the world, with women, but mostly... yourselves. 
You don't even know who you are. 

You don't think you men have any control?  

If there were no Daddy issues in this world... if there were no MAN issues... there would be very little need for counsellors. 
 And that is just the people who DO attend counselling, who do want to move past things.  Everyone else... they just keep keeping on.. keeping the cycle going. 

For what we do not receive as a child... we will continue to accept (lack of) as an adult. 

And the sad reality is... we attract it. we desire it. because as twisted as it all is, it is comforting, it is what we have always known.  

And that, my friend.  Is because of you. 

Pull up your socks. 

Stop depending on women to be stronger than you.  
Cowards. and fools. you all are.  
You should be walking with your heads held low.  and kicking the sand.  and thinking.. hrmmm... how can I right all this wrong.  

Till then, keep your dick in your pants...  
Till you're ready to be responsible and accountable to the choices you make, create and continue to choose. 

Good men are even embarrassed and ashamed of you, truly.  
Grow up. Suck it up. Stand up.  Do something productive and healthy in this life. 

You're really not needed, at all, till then. 

And this is the end result of my silence. and truth. We have no use for you. The bar... has risen.. and I'll share this with anyone.  

Ya'll better step up your life game... or you won't have one to play in. 

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